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Al makes unique, the hard to find, high quality pieces to your specifications, often co-creating a piece with your input. Al also works with interior decorators who design those "special" pieces.

Quality First!

All pieces are made of the finest materials, woods and hardware available. The finishes are durable and environmentally safe.

"No job is done until the client is pleased."

Competitive Pricing!

Wood Creations by Al Sinclair delivers fine, custom built furniture for reasonable prices. Because we have no showroom or sales staff overhead - 100% of your investment goes into the furniture, from drafting the design through the build and finish process. With this approach, we can guarantee the quality of all our products.

Process - Terms
A note from the artisan:

"The process usually begins with us meeting in your home or wherever the creation is to be placed. That gives me a feel for your taste and allows me to observe any issues getting the piece into its new place. With information from you, I go to my office and make up a design to review with you at our next meeting. The design gets revised if needed and I do a rough estimate on the cost to see if it is in your price range. If we have a go, I do a firm estimate (usually not very different from the first) and with 50% down, produced a final drawing from which I make the piece. The second 50% is due at delivery.

I look forward to meeting you and designing the piece that will complement your home furnishings, your lifestyle and your unique taste!"

Allen Sinclair

Many family members and friends have visited and the compliments about the buffet and entertainment center are glowing. We could not be more pleased.

We love to tell our Al Sinclair story. It's about expert craftsmanship, precise design and detail, fair price, great customer service, and a person who does what he tells you he is going to do. All that, combined with a really nice guy, equal a really good experience, plus FABULOUS FURNITURE.

Thank you Al for taking such good care of us. We love our furniture.

-Susan Moehring
Cincinnati, Ohio